About Business Science

About Business Science

About us

We help companies use data and technology to drive business growth through more effective marketing​

Make sure you are in control of your data flows – not the other way around!

Business Science is part of WPP & GroupM – leaders in Business Intelligence, Marketing ROI, Data Activation & Cloud solutions

Business Science is a Business Intelligence Consultancy agency with more than 15 years experience working with more than 15 years experience working with Marketing Effectiveness, Customer & Market Insights, Econometric Modelling, Digital Transformation, Marketing Technology, Omnichannel Marketing, Connected Survey – & Dashboard solutions.

We are Collaborative, Innovative & Results driven. 45 experienced Data Scientists, Business Consultants and Martech Consultants based in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm & Oslo.

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We work for 50% of the top 100 advertisers in the Nordics

Our Consultants are experts in Business ROI & MarTech Consulting covering all Business Science Services & Product offerings.












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Meet the Nordic Management

Meet the management behind Business Science.


Jakob Kofoed

Nordic CEO


Jesper Dam



Kristian Toft

Managing Director


Jan Nielskov

Managing Director


Kristjan Brødreskift

Head of Google Cloud & COE


Kresten Bach Søndergaard

Business Development & Director


Carsten Lind



Andreas Nordfos



Meet the Danish Team

Meet the team behind Business Science

Our team consist of +28 employees. These are the best of the best in their area of expertise and can help with everything from Google Cloud solutions to analyzing data from connected surveys!


Albin Kristiansson



Allan Gunnar Nielsen



Anders Busch



Anders Kjærbøl



Andreas Tandrup Christensen



Andrew Bond



Danni Dromi



Emilie Lundblad



Florin Telcean



Gustav Silberbrandt



Henriette Lillholm



Iben Linnea Christensen



Janne Arnhoff Eriksen



Jeanette Bertelsen



Kenn Ipsen Pedersen



Lars Nymand



Lars Wexø



Lisa Bjerre



Louise Kjær Lauritsen



Mads Flemming Bindseil



Mads Millencourt Thers



Mads Wind Andreasen



Marc Grün



Mathias Stuhaug



Martin Olesen



Morten Askholm



Morten Høier



Per Jensen



Pernille Tamberg



Sanne Winther



Simon Alexander Backlund



Trine Norris


Meet the Swedish Team



Björn Vilson

Client Director


Lisa Gröning

Analytical Project Manager


Markus Kemze

Data Scientist


Filip Stjernfeldt

Data Scientist

Come work with us

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