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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Business Science identified key market drivers and their impact on sales and brand across multiple markets. This helped us allocate and prioritize our marketing investments which led to increased ROI and profitability.




The analysis has given us a robust way to evaluate our programmatic buying, and opens up for several efficiency gains that we now leverage in our planning and optimization to drive incremental store visits.




The results point to an exciting opportunity to use viewability as a driver of outcomes within programmatic buying environments. With this type of data analysis, we better understand how to maximize campaign efficiency.



Toyota Denmark

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Business Consultancy

Learn how we have helped our clients with Business Consultancy

Conjoint Analysis

Learn how we have helped our clients with Conjoint Analysis

Connected Survey

Learn how we have helped our clients with Connected Surveys

Dasboard Solutions

Learn how we have helped our clients with Dashboard Solutions

Digital Analytics

Learn how we have helped our clients with Digital Analytics

Sales Modelling

Learn how we have helped our clients with Sales Modelling

Tech Solutions

Learn how we have helped our clients with Tech Solutions

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hvordan virksomheders ændrede marketingtryk under coronakrisen har påvirket salg og branding. Skrevet af: Kristian Toft | Managing Director | Data Intelligence 09. September 2020 DEBAT: Da Danmark blev lukket ned i marts, sendte det chokbølger igennem langt de fleste virksomheder,[…]

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That Danes can not wait for things to get back to normal after corona. Our GroupM LIVE Panel study shows Danes significantly over indexing compared to Swedes, Norwegians and Finnes when asked about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on day-to-day life Danes are less concerned about diseases compared to Swedes. Our GroupM digital[…]

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Business Science Insights, A podcast series from Business Science

Business Science Insights – Custom Algoritmer med Anders Kjærbøll

I den første epsiode af Business Science Insights taler Carsten Lind, Partner i Business Science, med Anders Kjærbøll omkring brugen af Custom Algoritmer. Custom Algoritmer er tilpassede digitale algoritmer, hvor annoncørens første parts data eksemplevis benyttes til optimering af standard[…]

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