Jewellery Case Study

Jewellery Case Study

Learn how we helped a jewellery client with MarTech consulting to identify 3 key gaps


For a Jewellery client we conducted a global mapping and consolidation of MarTech required capabilities. We carried out a market by market vendor mapping and clustered markets according to different market requirements and maturities.


We identified global differences and regional preferences/experiences as well as lack of MarTech utilization for some markets. Special requirements for some regions were also adressed enabling us to identify key MarTech priorities for each market cluster as well as markets within the clusters. We provided the client a capability requirement framework identifying 3 key global gaps. We conducted and RFI Process covering local vendor selection guidelines. We provided qualified alignment in tech stack design across two key vendors & identified future capability needs across the globe.


Capability requirements framework, identified 3 key gaps. Conducted RFI Process, vendor selection Process and so forth. Qualified alignment in tech stack design across two key vendors, securing capabilities covered across the globe.

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