FMCG Case Study

FMCG Case Study

Learn how we helped one the biggest FMCG companies whether or not to raise the price


The Company is one of the biggest FMCG companies in the Nordics, offering a wide range of products within dairy, juices, cheese etc.


One of the key products within the cheese category had seen a price increase over the recent years, getting closer to a lift from a two-digit to a three-digit number. There were big concerns internally whether to raise it above three-digits


The project revealed a strong strategy for both pricing and packaging. On the pricing side, it would be profitable to increase the price to not only above 3-digits, but “well-above”. The analysis showed, that the company would obtain almost the same volume at 110 NOK as 100 NOK.
Besides that, the project gave strong recommendations of other ways of packaging the product, in order to compete more directly with competitor products and attract new segments.

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