Broadband Audience Activation Case Study

Broadband Audience Activation Case Study

Lean how deterministic LIVE Panel data can optimize your Audience Activation 


Most audience activation is built on available probabilistic audience interest data in industry buying platforms. Sometimes data is combined with simple demographic data as age, gender etc. These audiences are available to all category advertisers. As investments in programmatic and social audience activation increase, the need to test effect of advanced audience activations based on deterministic 1st and 3rd party data increase.


A Broadband Advertiser activated a standard industry audience of Men 30-50, Children in Household & Household Income below DKK 400K/year in DV 360. To understand the effect of using deterministic audience data for activation a pilot study was approved. Two different audiences were build based on deterministic audience data from GroupM Live Panel. All three audiences were activated for the same client campaign, same time period and same buying platform DV 360 to be able to compare like-for-like.


Our first benchmark audience were build on simple LIVE Panel deterministic demografphic identical to the ones available in DV 360. The second LIVE Panel audience used deterministic Brand Potential data. That is; Present Users or Considerers of client Brand. The activation of the first test audience lowered CPA to index 80. However, the second test audiences showed a significant CPA improvement to index 32 over a 2-month campaign period. The pilot test illustrates the effectiveness of using deterministic brand data for audience activation significantly lowering CPA.

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