CRM Data Performance Case Study

CRM Data Performance Case Study

Learn how we helped a client increase the value of their CRM data


The client needed an overview of their email CRM data and how their various marketing efforts performed compared to their other channels. While their CRM platform did support various reporting options none of these fully covered the needs of the client regarding granularity and specific KPIs. To solve this issue, we developed a dashboard integrating their CRM data with their website analytics platform. This allowed them to not only compare and benchmark various strategies against each other but also allowed them to track the entire customer journey of each email-strategy from open rate to final sales conversion.


The main challenge facing the client was that their CRM system did not track the final sales on their website. Thus, they had trouble evaluating different email strategies from and ROI perspective. The main challenge facing us was developing a data model able to both integrate and connect the two data sources in order to bridge the gap in the marketing flow between email receivers and their website behavior.


We designed a data model integrating and linking the different data sources. Building on top of this model we developed a dashboard, making it possible for our client to monitor changes in their customer base, benchmark each of their email-strategies against one another as well track sales and revenue performance. All gathered in a single easy-to-use interface, removing the need to extract numbers from multiple different platforms.

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