Data-driven Ecommerce Case Study

Data-Driven Ecommerce Case Study

Learn how we helped a client with Data-Driven Ecommerce


The client wanted to leverage their marketing data alongside Facebooks possibilities for automation, to manage and optimize eCommerce campaign ROI across a large portfolio of brands. Together with the client, we leveraged econometrics and algorithms, to create a data-driven eCommerce system that continuously adjusts marketing spend, based on the latest data. Key to this was presenting the ecosystem as an open box, and allowing human oversight when needed via a dashboard.


The challenge lied in taking a complex, multi-step process and transforming into a format that could serve a variety of uses, from performance tracking, forecasting and algorithmic decision insights. By enabling users of almost all levels to retrieve the insights they needed from the dashboard, we also enabled them to perform their functions faster and better.


We realized this transformation, by making the dashboard the central hub for data for all steps in the process. By doing so we avoided having a hidden mechanism or process in the complex ecosystem we had designed. The result was a dashboard, where you could follow the data from the marketing system, to the results of the econometric modelling and finally to the performed and intended actions of the algorithm. All this came together to form a central cockpit for data-driven eCommerce for the client.

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