Financial Company Econometric Modeling Case Study

Financial Company Econometric Case Study

Econometric modeling and Dashboard optimize performance


A financial company would like to get information about media effects. Both when it comes to the overall drivers, as well as how the individual media channels contribute to the total sales. They will use the results dynamically by having a dashboard prepared


In order to get the full understanding of how media affects the sales for the financial company it was important to divide and estimate media effects according to how they work over time
By developing and implementing econometric modelling, Business Science could estimate and quantify the effects of short- and medium-term media investments and calculating and optimizing marketing and media performance. In addition, a Dashboard was prepared so that the customer could use the results dynamically.


After developing econometric modelling for the customer, media investments have been optimized and CPA has decreased by almost 20% over 2 years. In addition, the customer has been given the opportunity to optimize media planning using the prepared Dashboard

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