Telco Case Study

Telco Case Study

Learn how we helped Telco Company using ROI modelling to find their weakness


The Telco company is one of the largest advertisers in the market with a strong position in the telco industry. The mother brand, has numerous sales channels including call center, online and physical retail stores. ​


The Telco company had been through a strategic process with focus on new and younger segments. This had also led to a significantly changed media strategy, involving a significant decrease in offline media​


The ROI model for the telco company revealed how the big change in the media strategy had impacted negatively across a range of business of brand KPIs, leading to a low sales performance. The Company changed its media strategy subsequently, which turned around the negative development. Moreover, the project revealed a significant connection between a range of brand KPIs and the long-term sales performance for the brand, which also lead to a better prioritization the media mix.​

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