Retailer Case Study II

Retailer Case Study

Learn how we used AI Lead Scoring to help  a hardware store identify and predict the value of new costumers


A Scandinavian chain of hardware stores was challenged with identifying the most valuable customers in their online store.


By transferring visitor and transaction data to Google Cloud on a regular basis, the hardware store already had the user data necessary to start analyzing and identifying the current customers and predicting the value of new visiting consumers.
Using Google Cloud Machine Learning, Business Science developed a Logistic Regression analysis to identify the most valuable consumers and predicting the value of new visitors.


After implementing the Adserver as DMP, results of digital campaigns increased significantly, with the a 307% increase in CTR, and 450% increase in CVR, when comparing to the existing retargeting strategies for the client.
Likewise, non-converters who were segmented with probability remarketing, placed orders 2,5 times more often than the average visitor

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