Retailer Case Study III

Retailer Case Study

Learn how we helped a shoe retailer analyzing data to create customer segments


A shoe retailer client were struggling in a competitive market where new competitors were constantly popping up, and stealing market share


Analyzing 3 years of retailer data, and more than 130.000 customer transactions, enabled a comprehensive segmentation of customers including insights behavior, their value, buying frequency and geographical location.
One of the takeaways from the analysis was the need for dynamic content optimization to customize communication not only on banners, but also on the client website.


The client website was setup to change its appearance based on which of the defined 4 customer segments was visiting it. The changes on the websites reflected not only the look and feel, but also product suggestions, and landing pages.
As a part of a larger digital stategy for the client, sales increased by 56% in the webshop when compared to previous periods.

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