Knowledge sharing for mastering skills and common language via Masterclasses

Knowledge sharing for mastering skills and common language via Masterclasses

In GroupM we prioritize that everyone in the different teams possesses a solid frame of knowledge and technical skills, so we can deliver high-value services and consultation as well as data-driven insights to our clients. Therefore, we have organized monthly learning sessions that focuses on the techniques and tools, that we use on an everyday basis, with the intention of cultivating an environment for learning where everyone gets introduced to ‘Best Practice’ and where everyone is not solely responsible for their own development and learning.

What do our Masterclasses involve?  

Our Masterclasses contain sessions within the fields of video, paid social, Power BI, search, programmatic & native. From here we ensure knowledge sharing to develop our skills and technical experience as we work with many distinct systems and concepts. For instance, we learned about the importance of traditional television as well as the rapid distribution of digital video. Not to mention, the ecosystem of programmatic work with real-time bidding and programmatic deals as seen in the pictures from today. This lesson also mapped out different types of data, the process of segmentation, custom-made algorithms, and automation. Thus, we offer everyone in our teams an opportunity to get an overview of the most important concepts, methods, and tools.

In these sessions, we concretize what good work practice implies in everything related to sales-, media- and marketing data such as data extraction, new it-solutions, AI etc. Moreover, we have integrated cases based on real-life experiences in the learning sessions to exemplify the way in which we work in the different teams and thereby ensure that everyone gets an understanding of who they need to reach out to in relation to specific projects or tasks that they need help with.

Development of skills and a common language

We deliver results to our clients by virtue of our expertise. Therefore, we ensure that our colleagues in all our teams are well-equipped with knowledge, experience, and new skills, which we bring in focus with true-to-life cases, Q&As, sparring and more. Not to mention, we focus on creating a common language in GroupM as it builds a foundation for strong communication and enables colleagues to understand goals, objectives, and expectations across teams. In that way, we can work even more effectively together and thereby deliver high quality services or products.

To sum up – we offer learning sessions and opportunities to develop your skills, which contributes to a career boost within the consulting profession. Moreover, with these modules and a common language, we can develop our expertise even further and deliver custom-made solutions that create value to our clients and collaborative partners.